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Our Products
We, at East Coast Lifting Products, LL,  pride ourselves in the quality in our products and strive to make sure that your lifting needs are always met, with confidence.
  • Slings and tie down assemblies are made of first class yarns
  • The best customer service in our industry
  • We specialize in complex projects with difficult tolerances
  • Rush orders are never a problem
  • Quick production and fast shipping
  • All of our products meet and/or exceed industry standard.
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  • Web Slings – TC Type 1 & TT Type 2
  • Eye & Eye Slings
  • Endless Web Slings
  • Slings With Scuff Edge Protection
  • Endless Web Slings With Scuff Edge Protection
  • Web Slings Type 3 & 4 – Light Duty
  • Endless Web Slings – Light Duty
  • Warning Label Sample
  • Bridle Slings
  • Wide-Lift Continuous Eye
  • Round Slings – Tubular Polyester Round Slings
  • Sleeves
  • Recovery Straps / Tow Straps
  • Chain and Accessories
  • Type 11 Slings – Flemished Eye and Mechanically Swagged
        MORE COMING SOON !!!!!